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    5 ft. 4 in.
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    Bachelors Degree
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    Yes, living with me


Just like everyone I have my story...but the best thing is that with each new page we turn the writing is yet to be done. I am exceptionally lucky as I have 3 incredibly inspirational children to share my life with and as a bonus, I teach (and quite often am taught by!) other parent's equally awesome kids! How could I not be happy? ok so living really close to the beach does does hanging out with m8s, chilling to some tunes, lazing about on the rocks watching the sun set over the ocean [i cliche but it's exquisite...who could argue?], watching my sports fanatic boy score a try or bowl a hat-trick, listening to my creative son play my old favs on guitar, having the 'overly-energised daughter' teach me how to do her gymnastics routine in the loungeroom, bursting into hysterics every time u revisit that hilarious moment with someone, behaving like a child at the most inappropriate moments (teachers are renowned for it!! hehehe) would seem i enjoy conversation too...even one-sided ones written in little boxes...what can i say...I love life - and all it's little intricacies..they are what makes us who we are. In the words of the great Dory: Just keep swimming, just keep swimming... ;-) ciao!!

What I am looking for

Friendship, Dating, Long-term Relationship, Networking